4. sep, 2017

Super Duber Mega Shout Out


“I have a dream,” some famous person once said back in 1963. He received a Nobel prize for it. When I close my eyes, I see him speaking out loud to the people.  Allthough I don’t remember the content of his dream in detail, his words still impress me. And they are still very true and relevant to society.

An other person, very close to me said the same words, about three years ago. I wasn’t extremely impressed. All the time people say, they have dreams and wishes. I do remember the content of this dream, however. Not because it was a very special dream, but  the fact , that it was my daughter who spoke. “Someday I want to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a sailing boat”. That’s what she said. I was sort of relieved, that she wasn’t going to Australia forever, or wanting to work with crocodiles in the Amazone Delta. Crossing the Atlantic was a safe announcement to me, because I immediately thought: It’s not going to happen. She doesn’t have a boat, no money and no sailing experience. And now, three years later, she has done it. Three times. She wrote a book about her adventures. To inspire others to go after their dreams and be meaningful to our oceans along the process. It took a lot of time and effort, but this book is finished.  Chapeau to my brave daughter. The writing was only a small part of the whole book project. Editing, finding the right pictures, how to put it all in the market, was an adventure on its own. Thank you to everyone who contributed. The last few weeks she was here, at home with me and her father. And we were excited to be part of the finale! Very well done, Suzanne, aka The Oceanpreneur, aka the author of  “The Oceannomad”.